Planning an LED Retrofit in Hamilton

An LED retrofit project is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce the overhead costs for commercial buildings. It is less invasive than replacing the HVAC system and less disruptive than most other types of building upgrades. Installing LED lighting is also a very environmentally friendly solution that will help to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

When planning an LED retrofit project, it is essential to understand how much energy you are currently using to run your existing lights and to calculate how much energy you can save by installing LED lighting. The electricity savings will vary depending on whether you opt to simply replace the existing lamps with LED bulbs, or if you decide to do complete fixture replacements. An experienced LED retrofit company will be able to perform a comprehensive energy audit to provide precise details in terms of capital costs for the project, expected energy savings, and calculate the approximate timeframe for the return on investment.

LED Lamp Bulb Replacement vs LED Fixture Replacement
LED Lamp Bulb Replacement vs LED Fixture Replacement

In order to choose the right type of LED retrofit project, it is important to understand the differences between the two options.

An LED lamp bulb replacement project is relatively quick, simple, and cost-effective. It does however leave some additional electricity savings on the table. Replacing the existing lamps with plug and play LED lamps will allow you to enjoy higher efficiency and long-lasting lighting, but LED bulbs don’t tend to last as long as LED fixtures and they are not as energy efficient. LED bulbs can still be prone to accidental breakage and there can also be some compatibility issues depending on the existing ballasts.

An LED fixture replacement project is longer and more involved with additional capital costs upfront, but the result is a very eco-friendly and customizable lighting solution that is built to last. This solution is customizable with complete control over the output, type of lighting (cool or warm tones), and positioning with each light. LED fixture replacements provide additional savings in terms of maintenance costs for parts and labour as replacements are rarely needed.

In many cases the decision over what type of LED project will depend on whether you own the building or if you are a long-term tenant. In this case, there is more time to recoup the capital costs with an LED fixture retrofit project and maximize the return on investment. Short-term tenants may be better off to do an LED replacement project depending on the length of the lease and long-term plans.

Maximizing Your Hamilton LED Retrofit Project
Maximizing Your Hamilton LED Retrofit Project

Choosing a proven and reputable LED retrofit company is the best way to ensure a smooth and convenient upgrade project with maximum return on your investment. InLight Solutions provides turnkey LED lighting solutions for clients across the GTA with complete service from complimentary energy assessments to rebate administration through the Ontario Save On Energy program – nothing is left to chance.

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